My Bicycles: Freedom and Fun

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I have loved bicycling since before I can remember.

To be honest, my first two bikes were tricycles. I don’t remember my first trike. But, I have a scar on my forehead from a head to handlebar moment.

I do remember the second tricycle. I had hours of fun on it, even long after I was too big for it. Not only was it my bike, but it was also my horse, and if I turned it upside down, it was my spinning wheel.

I did move up into several different two-wheeled bikes. When I was a teen, I bought one of those for myself. We were a one-car family, so in many ways that bike gave me some freedom. I would go for long bike rides around town. In fact, I have more fondness for my time on that bike than for my time in my first car. The bike was fun; the car was necessary.

Now, I have a different bike. It has a sort-of vintage style, but with lots of gears. It’s great for pleasure riding, and it’s a lot more fun than running or walking. I hope to spend many hours this summer on the bike trails!

I have a great-uncle in his 90s who still loves riding his bike. He rode a bike during WWII in Europe. And now, even though he doesn’t drive anymore, he rides his three-wheeled bike around his town.

What was your first bike? Do you still ride?


  1. jheitman22

    You’re right, Debbie. Bikes give kids freedom! The kids in my small town all rode bikes all spring, summer, and fall. When I was 13, I had a bike accident when I hit loose gravel, and wiped out my face (which explains the way I look). I haven’t been as avid about biking since.

  2. Steve Arnold

    I had a trike at a very young age that had belonged to my brother. I also got his first bike as my own first bike – but when I was ten I got my first brand new bike, a bright red Schwin one speed that we still have. I graduated to ten speeds within a few years. We did a lot of family biking in my late teens and early 20s; my parents and I often did one or two days of RAGBRAI several times, and my parents even did the whole week the year they were 59. I used to do a lot of biking, not so much any more, and I would NEVER do a full RAGBRAI! I really should try to get back to doing more.

    • Deb Watley

      Steve, Your parents are amazing! I think RAGBRAI would be a lot of fun–for a day! I’ve thought it would be kind of fun to do the week, but I’d have to do some serious training!

  3. Patricia A Miller

    Did you ever put a card on the spokes to make a sound? I loved my bright yellow bike with a banana seat, white basket with colored plastic flowers, and streamers on the handlebars.

    • Deb Watley

      I had a yellow bike with a banana seat, too! I think I had a basket at some point, but I know I had a license plate that had my name on it. I don’t think I ever tried the card in the spokes. I don’t remember neighbor kids doing that, either. But I’ve seen it in movies or tv shows.

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