30 Days of Thanksgiving–Part 1

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Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite holidays. But I’m determined to be thankful everyday, to live a life of gratitude, expressing it to others and especially to the One from whom all good things come.

This month I will name 30 things (one for each day of November) I’m thankful for. I’m not taking my health, friends, family, and material blessings for granted, but I’m challenging myself to think beyond those things.

I’m thankful for:

1. Electricity–yes, a material blessing, but something I’m very glad to have, especially as winter darkness descends on the Northern Plains.


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2. Color–Isn’t it wonderful we don’t live in a monochromatic world? Did you know there are colors our eyes can’t see?

3. Memory–In a family who’s dealt with lots of dementia, I’m very glad to remember who I am and who my loved ones are.

4. Ability to sleep all night.–I remember what it’s like to have small children.

5. Right to vote.

6. Piano lessons my parents made me take.

7. Music.

8. Stories.

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9. Snowflakes. Each one is unique. None is this big!

10. Not getting that Barbie house I wanted as a child. I had hours of fun making cardboard boxes and household items into my own Barbie house.

What are you thankful for? How do you cultivate a life of gratitude?


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  2. jheitman22

    I love your #10 and think that could be a good children’s story idea. Yes, I am thankful for things I didn’t get and things that didn’t happen!

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