Joy to the World!

This is my oldest nativity set (ca late 20th Century, made by Avon).

This is my oldest nativity set (late 20th Century, made by Avon). Photo by Deb Watley.

I’ll be back Jan. 6, 2015.

Do you have an older nativity set? How about one from another culture?




  1. Steve Arnold

    I do have a very old one, the one we started when I was in Kindergarten (1957) and which took four or five years to build up to it’s present size. My mom let me pick out a few pieces each year from Woolworths. The pieces cost between ten cents and 29 cents, and we couldn’t afford to buy a stable the first year because it was priced at the princely sum of $2.00. (Teachers didn’t make as much back then.) I’ve had it for several years now and it’s quite a treasure for me – well over 50 years old now, and I can still remember picking out each piece.

    I also have a hand carved one from Tanzania which I purchased several years ago at gift shop in the retreat center in Schuyler while at one of the early retreats. My parents also have one from Africa which was a gift from relatives who raised their family in Cameroon.

  2. Deb Watley

    Steve, you have some treasures!! Especially the memories of picking out pieces for your nativity set! That would make a wonderful Christmas story–hint, hint!

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