My First Day of First Grade

My first day of first grade. Photo by Betty Hickman.

My first day of first grade. Photo by Betty Hickman.

In honor of the back-to-school season, here is a photo of me on my first day of first grade.

There were two important things about that day:

  • I had a new denim purse.
  • I walked to school by myself.

What do you remember about some of your first days of school?


  1. Mary Louise Sanchez

    I ran away from school in kindergarten. I had no idea why my mother was leaving me there. She later said she thought I knew my older cousins and friends were in school and that I would be there too. Needless to say, I made sure my kids knew about school. The funny thing is that my mother prepared me for school academically–just not emotionally or socially. My second day and forever after were great!

    • Deb Watley

      Oh, Mary Louise! What a traumatic first day! Did you know how to get home by yourself? What did your teacher and your mom do? I’m glad the second day and beyond went much better! Children and adults don’t think the same, do we? I thought school was going to be like it was on the tv version of Little House on the Prairie.

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