7 of My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments

Many of the ornaments on our family’s Christmas tree have special meaning to me. Here are seven of my favorites:

photo 11. I made this one in elementary school. I had a teacher who taught some of us how to cross-stitch, a hobby I enjoyed for many years. She showed us how to make these ornaments by stitching yarn onto plastic canvas discs.

photo 1

2. My great aunt made this ornament for my husband and me from photos she had taken at our wedding. This great aunt taught me how to sew and crochet when I was in second grade.

photo 2

3. I try to find a Christmas ornament from places we travel. This was an ornament sculpture of one of our honeymoon hotels, Banff Springs Hotel, in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

photo 2

4. This one is from a family trip to Puerto Rico.

photo 3

5. Some years ago, a group of friends and I got together regularly for tea. One Christmas I gave each of them, along with myself, a teacup or teapot ornament.

photo 1

6. Years ago, friends gave this to us. One of their mothers had decorated this blown-out goose egg.

photo 2

7. This one came from another couple. They had inserted a hand-tied fishing fly into the glass ornament.

Our children have also made us many ornaments. And we give each one of them an ornament every year. Someday when they have their own home, they’ll have a bunch of ornaments loaded with memories to begin their own collection.

Do you have favorite Christmas tree ornaments? What makes them special to you? What ornament traditions do you keep?




  1. Elise Parsley

    My parents did the same thing, Debbie! This is the first year I’ve had a full-sized tree so I just got my childhood ornaments from Mom over Thanksgiving. It was so fun to put them up in my own home. Thanks for sharing!

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