1. Debbie

    Yes! I rotate depending on weather / sun / mood. Lately it’s been my bedroom because the rest of the house seems cold and my bed is cozy. But my favorite when it warms up is in front of our big picture window. I use the window seat as my desk.

    • Deb Watley

      Your window seat in the picture window sounds wonderful! I also like warm and cozy and sunny places vs. cold places. Do you suppose that’s because we live in the area of the country that is cold for half the year?

  2. Amy Houts

    I love the comfy chair! Right this minute, I’m sitting on our La-z-boy couch in front of the fire (pellet stove) in the living room. I have a desk in the kitchen that I seldom use. Why should I when I can be comfortable?

  3. Mary Scarbrough

    Debbie, It looks comfy and cozy. I have a treadmill desk, but ever since we replaced our not-working-well fireplace with a gas insert, I gravitate toward sitting by the fire whenever it’s the slightest bit chilly.

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