The Dangers of the Defense

I’m very proud to announce my husband successfully defended his doctoral dissertation yesterday. He assures me that his experience was nothing like the fellow (who is a little like Amelia Bedelia) defending his master’s thesis in the following video.

How about your educational/publishing experiences? Have they felt anything like this? Have you had any Amelia Bedelia experiences?


  1. Amy Houts

    Congratulations! What an honor. The man in the video certainly took an extreme, literal view. Fortunately, I can’t think of anything in my experience to compare.

    • Deb Watley

      Thanks, Amy! Yes, I’m glad some words and phrases aren’t meant to be taken literally! That also makes me think of the picture books, PARTS and MORE PARTS, by Tedd Arnold. In those a little boy pictures the literal meaning for expressions, like “don’t fall apart.”

      • Amy Houts

        Deb, I haven’t heard of PARTS or MORE PARTS. Some expressions are kind of scary. When my daughter was little and had a fever, her dad felt her head and said, “You’re on fire.” She was very upset and we had to assure her he didn’t mean it literally!

        • Deb Watley

          Oh, your poor daughter! Does she remember that? Does she laugh about it now? The PARTS books are like that, except with humorous twists.

  2. Amy Houts

    I know! I need to ask her if she remembers, and see if she has said anything like that to her twins. Humor is so much more appropriate for children. : )

  3. Deb Watley

    It’s fun to see how kids think! My mom says I asked my kindergarten teacher when she was going to start teaching–I don’t remember doing so. I bet I was expecting school to be like it was on the Little House on the Prairie tv show, and instead it wasn’t!

    • Deb Watley

      Thanks! And congratulations to your son! It’s a big accomplishment! Even if there was no swordplay, I bet he still was stressed before his defense.

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