Recently I was in one of my local book stores looking for several particular books. I didn’t find them.

Instead I found a book I didn’t know existed–and that I’m loving!

The World of Little House by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Ericksson caught my attention as I browsed the children’s history and biography sections.

It uses colorful illustrations by Garth Williams and original ones by Deborah Maze, including maps, diagrams of the various Little Houses, recipes, activities, and lots of information about Laura’s life and the world of the 19th Century pioneers.

One fun (or slightly gross?) fact I learned is that the pioneer women ironed everything, including undergarments, not just for appearance sake, but also for hygiene. You see, the heat from the ironing would eliminate insects and germs that washing alone didn’t do.


Another fun thing I learned was that Ma once made a square Thanksgiving Day pie. I was taken aback–a square pie? Why not? Ma used the pan she had available, and that was her square pan she normally used for baking two bread loaves at a time.


I also liked the timeline at the end of the book that put events of Laura’s life in perspective with events happening in the United States.

This is a wonderful book for any Laura fans or anyone wanting to learn more about the daily life of pioneers.

What was your last unexpected book find?


  1. Amy Houts

    I hadn’t heard of this book, Deb. Sounds like one I would really like, too. My unexpected find is called Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women’s Rights. I went to a talk about Jesse James at the Historical Museum and the speaker’s wife had written a book about Clarina, which I bought. I’m just starting to read it.

    • Deb Watley

      I had to look up Clarina. She sounds like a fascinating woman! And how fun for you to go to an event expecting to learn about one person and you learn about two! I also think its interesting that there are two historians in the speaker’s family. They must have some interesting research trips.

  2. Jane Healy

    Thanks for alerting me to this book! I am headed out today to buy it as a gift! The timeline is great to help keep an historical perspective. So glad I live now, not then.

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