Creation Requires Focus

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It’s amazing/sad/normal that it takes major life events to motivate us to do what we need to do.

I’ve been away from my blog a couple months. My father-in-law’s death was the major life event that precipitated my absence. Obviously, when major things happen, we have to let the lesser priorities slide. For me, that was my blog.

Although for some time I’d been thinking about what changes I should make to my writing life, just in the last two months I’ve faced my need to let my blog go for an extended period of time.

I need to spend my time writing my novels and nurturing the writing-relationships I already have. Instead, I’ve been spending lots of time researching and writing my blog to market and promote my work to potential buyers.

I will return to marketing eventually. But for now, I need to focus on the creating.

Perhaps focus should be my word for 2017.

I’ll keep my blog, including my contact info, online. I’ll also continue to follow and comment on others’ blogs–just not as often.

Dear readers, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the past three years. Thank you for your faithfulness, your comments and reading suggestions, and your encouragement. I want to nurture our relationship. Let’s stay in touch.


  1. Mary Louise Sanchez

    Focus on your writing. Blogs do take lots of time away from other writing. Your blog is amazing, however!

  2. Marcia Strykowski

    Very sorry for your loss, Deb. It’s true how we go along with our activities until something happens that shakes them into perspective. Although I don’t post as often as many, I do spend a lot of time on my blog and often wonder if I should be working on manuscripts instead. Good for you for prioritizing your work. We’ll miss you, but glad to hear you might pop in now and again. Best wishes!

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