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Fun and Unusual Bicycle Decorations

A few weeks ago I did a post about my childhood and adulthood love of biking. Not long after that I saw an unusual bike display at my local grocery store. Check this out!

Photos by Deb Watley


Let me zoom in a bit.





The bike is completely covered in yarn. I think it’s a combination of knitting and crochet. I love the streamers coming from the handlebars!

This bike sweater is totally impractical, but totally fun!

What’s the best decorated bicycle you’ve ever seen?

My Bicycles: Freedom and Fun

Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo

I have loved bicycling since before I can remember.

To be honest, my first two bikes were tricycles. I don’t remember my first trike. But, I have a scar on my forehead from a head to handlebar moment.

I do remember the second tricycle. I had hours of fun on it, even long after I was too big for it. Not only was it my bike, but it was also my horse, and if I turned it upside down, it was my spinning wheel.

I did move up into several different two-wheeled bikes. When I was a teen, I bought one of those for myself. We were a one-car family, so in many ways that bike gave me some freedom. I would go for long bike rides around town. In fact, I have more fondness for my time on that bike than for my time in my first car. The bike was fun; the car was necessary.

Now, I have a different bike. It has a sort-of vintage style, but with lots of gears. It’s great for pleasure riding, and it’s a lot more fun than running or walking. I hope to spend many hours this summer on the bike trails!

I have a great-uncle in his 90s who still loves riding his bike. He rode a bike during WWII in Europe. And now, even though he doesn’t drive anymore, he rides his three-wheeled bike around his town.

What was your first bike? Do you still ride?