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Memory: What If We Could Control It?

History is important to me, and dementia runs in my family, so I often think about memory.

It’s one of those things we sometimes wish we could control.

Children’s author Lois Lowry explored that “what if we could” possibility when she wrote The Giver, and she talks about it in the following video.¬†Thanks to Jane Heitman Healy for sharing the video with me.

What do you think of Lowry’s theory of what could happen to people if we controlled memory?

Dance is Unusual Form of Storytelling (For Me)


Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo

Some of you would say, “Of course, dance is a form of storytelling. There’s nothing unusual about that.”

I sort of knew this before. After all, I’ve known the Hawaiian hula dance tells a story. And ballet tells a story. (I’m familiar with the story, The Nutcracker, and I’m familiar with the music. But–confession–I’ve never seen the ballet.)

Dance as a type of storytelling only¬†sunk in for me recently. Maybe because I don’t understand dance. I thought it was mostly emotional expression. I’m sure some of it is. But some forms of dance are so much more.

My epiphany came from listening to author Jane Heitman Healy tell me about a presentation by Lakota/Anishinabe hoop dancer Kevin Locke at the recent South Dakota Festival of Books. Jane also wrote about his stories, music, and hoop dance at her blog, Read, Learn, and be Happy. His dance might not be a literal story, but it is full of symbolism and meaning. Because he explained/translated the symbolism, viewers can understand the “story” he’s telling.

Now if I just had a translator for other dances…

For more info about Kevin Locke, see his website.

What form of storytelling has surprised you? What other kinds of dance tell stories?