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Literary Treasure Hoards, or AKA, Used Bookstores

A treasure hoard is a hidden cache of jewels, coins, or other valuables. To me, bookstores and libraries are full of treasures–books, both older and newer. Although used bookstores are not hidden, they are often overlooked.

I love used bookstores. When I purge my bookshelves, I sell what I can at a couple local used bookstores. While the employees decide what they’ll buy, I browse the shelves and often buy more books.

At used bookstores, sometimes I find newer books, but I also find classics and wonderful older books. Sometimes I find books helpful for historical research.

Part of the fun is that I never know what I’ll find. It’s a treasure hunt for me.


Photo by Bruce Watley

A few weeks ago, I posted about a recent visit to Colonial Williamsburg. There is a used bookstore there–Mermaid Books. At that visit we arrived after the store closed, so I only scored a photo.

But, several years ago, I was able to shop at Mermaid Books. I discovered a couple old treasures I didn’t know existed.


Photo by Deb Watley

For more information about Mermaid Books, see http://www.mermaidbookswilliamsburg.com.

This is the first installment in a series about literary treasure hoards/used bookstores I visit.

Do you shop at used bookstores? If so, please tell me about them!