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Summer Reading


Books I may read this summer. I’ve already started several. Photo by Deb Watley

I read a lot in the summer.

That’s been true since I was a kid. Summers meant long, unscheduled days and lots of reading time. The best part was that I didn’t have to do any reading for school, so I could follow my own interests.

That meant reading and rereading animal stories, the Nancy Drew series, and books by Louisa May Alcott and Laura Ingalls Wilder. As an adult I still like to reread favorites once in a while, but that is not an exclusively summer thing for me.

Now my summer reading habits aren’t much different from the rest of the year, except when I travel or go to the pool. Then I want books that don’t take too much concentration and aren’t too dark or sad.

My one summer reading habit is that I love to read¬†Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries books while I’m at our local wave pool. I’ve read so many while soaking up the sun and listening to lapping water that those things are linked for me.

I recently heard someone say that each summer he reads about America’s Founding Fathers. I hadn’t thought before about focusing an entire summer on one topic or one author. That could be a rewarding experience.

Do you adjust your reading habits for summer (types of books, locations, etc.)? Do you make a summer reading list, read best-sellers, old favorites, one series? What constitutes a summer read for you?

My “First” Book


I am blessed by a mother who loves to read, and we always had books in our house. Many were library books, but Mom also bought books. However, we often lived in small towns and didn’t always have book stores, so Mom ordered books from book clubs. Do you remember those? The company would send you a book each month or so, and you could choose to buy it or send it back.

When I was small, Mom chose all my books, except for library books. But, in second grade I got a couple store-bought books. I think I picked them out, too. I’m not quite sure. But I do remember devouring one of the books in just a few days. As years went on, I was able to get a few more books in that series to keep, but they were always available in either my school library or public library, and I read the complete series multiple times.

My first two books I (must have) chose to own: Nancy Drew books.

What was the first book you chose for yourself?