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Re-enactment at Pipestone, MN, Civil War Days Brings Details of 19th Century to Life


Photos by Deb Watley and Creighton Watley

Last month, I attended one of the Pipestone Civil War Days in nearby Pipestone, Minnesota. Highlights of this annual event include the re-enactors who dress in period-type clothing, demonstrate various 19th Century skills, and stage a mock battle.

This was only my second Civil War re-enactment I’ve been able to attend. But, I’ve learned something each time.

At my first one, years ago in Centerville, Iowa, my family played cricket. The sport was popular among Civil War-era soldiers. Modern Americans have the misconception that it’s a boring sport, but we found it fun to play!


At the Pipestone re-enactment, I realized how loud and smoky the cannons were. Even with wearing earplugs while a few cannons were fired, I could imagine what it must have been like during a real battle. The heat, smoke, noise, stench, would have been magnified. And the horrors of the wounded and killed soldiers and horses are almost beyond imagination.

Being able to experience some of those detail–in even a small way–helps me understand and appreciate what others’ lives were really like.


I also took home my own little (reproduction) piece of the 19th Century. I learned the shade felt wonderful, but the closed back of my straw bonnet trapped the heat. But the women wearing the straw hats (that sit on top of the head) with the wide brims benefited from both the shade and the breeze.

There are re-eactments of many different time periods and cultures (i.e. Roman-era, U.S. Colonial-era, etc.). Have you ever been to one? Have you participated as a re-enactor? What did you learn?