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Manga and the Emmas


Two different Emmas–Photo by Deb Watley

At the beginning of the year I wrote about my “discovery” of manga because I found a book ┬átitled Emma, which I wrongly thought was a version of Jane Austen’s story.

The Emma I had found is a delightful historical fiction series set in Britain around 1900, created by Kaoru Mori. I read book one in the series, where the title character is a maid who loves a man above her station in life.

But, guess what? I recently discovered there is a manga version of Jane Austen’s Emma! This is an adaption illustrated by Po Tse and published in Udon Entertainment’s Manga Classics series.

I think manga is a wonderful way to introduce well-loved stories to readers who wouldn’t normally read classics.

Have you read any classics or old favorites in an unusual format?