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Picture Book Giveaway To Celebrate My 100th Post

This is my 100th blog post! (I feel a little like Bilbo Baggins announcing his 111th birthday.)

To celebrate, I’m going to depart from my usual history-related post and give away a picture book I had the pleasure of helping, in a small way, to bring into the world.

Freddie the Frog® and the Invisible Coquí (Mystic Publishing, 2015) was written by Sharon Burch and illustrated by Tiffany Harris. In the story, Freddie and his best friend, Eli, meet new friends that introduce them to Latin music and teach them how to dance the salsa.


Photo by Deb Watley

More than a decade ago, Sharon, an elementary music teacher, developed a way to teach her youngest students music concepts that were generally only taught to older kids. Sharon wanted a way to help other music teachers do the same, so she created her own publishing company, Mystic Publishing.

The Invisible Coquí is the sixth book in the Freddie series. All six books feature a story, a dramatized audio CD, music, and activities, such as games or dancing.

I’m proud to have worked with and for Mystic Publishing from the beginning! And I’m grateful to Sharon for introducing me to the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)!

For more info:

Freddie the Frog®

Music-lovers, parents, teachers, authors, illustrators, etc. (US residents and non-relatives only), to enter the giveaway, please post a comment and tell me what kind of music you liked as a child. I’ll conduct a random drawing of the commenters on Tuesday, Feb. 9.